Iranian classics: ‘A Separation’ the first Iranian film to win an Oscar.

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A Separation‘ is a film which has both political and personal conflicts to discuss. The Iranian genius Asghar Farhadi is not only narrating a story about a couple who are facing difficulties to obtain a divorce but also the existential difficulties of understanding each other. As wise said “simplicity is not the beginning but it’s the end of the journey”, Farhadi’s simple narrative style of a complicated story brought him an Oscar for Best foreign language film at 2011 Academy awards and he was appreciated worldwide for his brilliance. Another integral part of the film was the insanely great performance of the leading and the supporting actors, trust me you can’t take your eyes off for a minute. The first shot of the film starting with two characters facing the audience as we are the family court judge, please don’t misunderstand, you are not invited to see the right and wrong here. Just listen to them, they are people with their own wishes. Nobody is wrong in their own way.

Simin, upper-class housewife wants to leave the country with her family as she doesn’t want her daughter to grow up under the unpleasant conditions. The husband, Nader doesn’t agree with his wife’s thoughts as he concerned about his father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. As Nader doesn’t give up  Simin files a divorce and the family court judge rejects the application as it is insufficient for the separation. Nader hires a caregiver ‘Razhie’ as suggested by Simin to watch around his father when he is not home.  Razhie is a very religious woman who is from the very poor financial background and needs some job to support her family. Razhie applied for this job without her husband’s knowledge. she finds her job as heavy as she is pregnant.

One day Nader is home his father was lying unconscious and caregiver nowhere found. When the Razhie is back Nader accuses her being irresponsible and calls her thief for losing some money. Nadir push razhie out of his home and she fells in the stairs case and has a miscarriage. Nader has to give the blood money for the miscarriage, still, it was rejected by razhie as she thinks the miscarriage wasn’t happened due to falling in the staircase, it could happen by hitting the car when she was chasing nadir’s father who was crossing the road.

In this modern world does class really matters, yes it does. When everyone can relax and have fun, play games, everyone can join in. Razieh is not welcomed. She is getting on with something in the kitchen. When Miss Ghahraii, the daughter’s tutor comes home she is treated as an honored guest. But how about caregiver Razhie? She has a great family responsibility, too, looking after an Alzheimer’s patient. But she receives no respect. Instead, she is oppressed by her own religious sense.

When Razhie will have to handle the old man’s naked body in the bathroom, she has to telephone her imam to know and confirm that this would not be a sin.

Farhadi shows how everyone is aware of their rights and how angry they feel at injustices and inequalities. The daughter, she sees everything, her pain and sorrows are all mostly hidden. But she is the person on whom an undesirable burden is to fall – a both judicial and moral. The aged people pettiness an selfishness have forced this on their upcoming generation: yes its an abuse. Farhadi, you get claps for bringing the inner unspeakable human emotion to the screen. Salute!

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