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Alcohol was discovered accidentally when people consumed overripe or rotten fruit. But recently, scientists have discovered that drinking alcohol is a sign of very high intelligence. There is a correlation in the intellectuality of individuals and the behavioral habit towards drinking alcohol in their later life. 

The study was conducted in London School of Economics on the people who were aged 39 years. The study revealed unusual results as it claims that the women who have obtained higher professional degrees drink twice more than the ones who never went to the university. The same results were obtained in the case of men. 

Educated women were 71% more exposed to drinks while 49% educated men were found to be more close to alcohol. 

A very interesting Savanna-IQ Interaction Hypothesis given by evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa, says that the situations which have not occurred when Homo sapiens developed are hard for our brain to understand, especially for the ones with low intellectual strength. This is because general intelligence developed only as a consequence to solve new evolutionary problems. 

Dr. Kanazawa also talks about the link between high intelligence and heavy drinking capacities in the same people when they hit their 20s, 30s and 40s. She plotted various graphs and classified the people into 5 different “cognitive groups” groups namely : “very dull” – IQ < 75; “dull” – 75 < IQ < 90; “normal” – 90 < IQ < 110; “bright” – 110 < IQ < 125; “very bright” – IQ > 125.

Similar results were obtained for Americans that the brighter they were as kids, the more drinking capacity they had when they grew as adults.

The same thing was studied by Finnish researchers on 3000 fraternal and identical twins. The study revealed that the out of the two twins, the one who started speaking early was found to be more intelligent and henceforth were known to obtain Higher degrees. Obtaining higher degrees was linked to alcohol consumption in later stages of life. 

According to the Finnish researchers, “Cognitive performance and reading abilities in childhood are related to higher stimulation-seeking tendencies.”

The researchers concluded by drawing a link between high IQ in early life and drinking wine. 

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