Inner Sanctum frontman Gaurav Basu talks about the present Indian metal scene

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Indian death/thrash metallers Inner Sanctum has shed blood and sweat to rise through the metal ranks in India, helming successful concerts, recording nice metal, and conjointly supporting such acts like Metallica, slayer and Cradle Of Filth in their maiden Indian tours. But  when you are a band from a country not identified for its spirited metal scene it can be a struggle to keep your dreams alive on the big stage. For one of  India’s biggest name in metal, Inner Sanctum frontman Gaurav Basu A.K.A the ACID TOAD talks about the present Indian metal scene……

1)How do you describe India’s metal scene at the moment..?? 

Acid Toad: Dormant, we need a revival, and new bands that can carry it forward into a new decade. There are’t as many kids playing metal these days, not the way back when we were growing up. But to be honest we’re not a metal nation, nothing about our modern day culture, values or upbringing have the room for this type of music in our daily lives.

2)What is your view of the future of heavy metal in India..?? 

Acid Toad: At the moment bleak! But hey I would love to be wrong. If an awesome scene does surface in the near future that’s an absolute win.

3)How difficult is it to have album sales when a new album comes out?? 

Acid Toad: We haven’t released anything in so long we don’t have a clue 😀 ! But jokes apart yeah, its hard. There is a lotta work and time that needs to go into… first writing the music and then finding the right people and studio to record and produce it. Once that is over comes the equally daunting task of promoting it across platforms and keeping at it for a lengthy period. One way to get it out there is obviously playing gigs but then again India does not have a touring circuit which makes it damn fucking hard. Bands put in a shit tonne of energy into making an album so its always rewarding when folks pick up a few cds at shows / online where the fuck ever, just support the bands you like.

4)What are the general difficulties faced by any band planing to go on a tour?? 

Acid Toad: Finances …its hella expensive. Work is the other issue that can come in the way of a tour. And thats just the tip of the iceberg. There is a shitload of planning and logistics to take care of. Plus on tour incidents are a headache too! But once you go on tour its all fucking worth it!

5)Do we expect an inner santrum album anytime soon?? ..

Acid Toad: Haha No. Its gonna be a while but things are on the horizon. We are a band that likes to take their time.

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