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Politics have become such a thing in India that no educated person wants to put his hands into this dirt. Although it was created with the aim to help the people of the country and to represent the country on various platforms.  But everything that was thought of the Indian political parties is now proved to be wrong. Seems like the ideals and policies have remained on the paper and what is seen in the real world is just the negative sides of the current political parties.

Current politics in India is nothing but a filth today. It carries corruption, violence, lies in its lap. The motive of a political party should be to serve the nation and its people but what is happening today is the exact opposite. Self prioritisation, money making and fooling the nation with false promises is all that we get today from the politics in India.

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Politics was supposed to be a non-beneficiary but ironic to all the expectations and suppositions, it is the only one to get the benefits. The common man is suffering today and these political parties are enjoying their lives at the cost of the nation.

The Indian political parties are a group of people of the country which take the initiative to work for the country. They come from the common public only. It’s so disheartening to see that these people when they form political parties forget their duties and responsibilities towards the nation.

We have three different forms of the government namely the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. These three forms of government come together to run the nation. Sadly all of them fails to complete their duties which is why the people of the country have lost faith in them along back. This filth of the government is the reason why no educated person wants to join the government.

indian politics bronbi

When the parliamentary system was designed and the constitution of India was laid down, it was thought that the country will have numerous benefits of politics. And it did prove to be helpful. But this happened only in the initial stages. As time progressed, the situation of these political parties grew even more depressing for the people of India.

What we have today in the name of political parties is pure selfishness and nothing else. And India expects to see the same in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019.

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