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Lok sabha Elections 2019 brought Modi back into power. Infact, BJP and the country did not even had to wait for the election results to be out officially to know of there victory. It was very evident from the starting of the day when Modi government crossed the 200 seats mark. BJP have crushed the existence of Congress as a national party in the country.

At the end of the day, it was found out that BJP has won more seats in Uttar Pradesh than Congress have won in the entire country. It has earned more votes in Uttar Pradesh than the Mahagathbandhan of Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party. 

The campaigns led by Modi government which includes “Mai bhi chowkidar”, no matter how stupid they were have been successful in wooing the country with the right wing ideology. 

It is clear that these elections stands as a firm mentality of the Indians who do not have any stand or any empathy for the minorities of the country. 

It would be interesting to note that Modi government have based it’s entire campaign for Lok sabha elections 2019 on Hindutva and Terrorism ! “Hindutva” ?? Is it fair to include something that relates to religion to campaign for elections and that too in a country which is secular by its constitution. There should be absolutely no mention of Hindutva as India is a secular country and whatever has to be done here should be free from any mentions of the religion. 

The recent Pulwama attack on the 40 CRPF personnels gave rise to a new topic of campaigning for Modi Government. What he has done in the last 5 years for the country is all in the pit because there was absolutely nothing which he have done. India have seen futile debates related to riots, cows, cow dung, Ayodhya, triple talaq and beef! That’s all what happened in the last 5 years. And then one day, the Pulwama attack happened which led to Modi talking of “Aatankwaad hatayen“.

No wonder this attack happened just a few months before elections ! 

Nevertheless, whether Modi have done something or not in the last 5 years but he have been successful in attacking the Indian minds via Modi’s very own “media”. Everything which was related to Modi have been sugar coated and presented to the country. Al thanks to the “media” and it’s ethics in our country. 

Hindi Muslim topics have been highlighted with no substantial claims and what not! Modi have changed the shape of India in his 5 years long journey, all in a sense to ruin the integrity of our nation. Today, we address the guy sitting next to us in the class as a Hindu and Modi bhakt or as a Muslim and anti-modi. Where did the love and understanding go ?

We have travelled in time to see our secular nation being transformed into a “Hindu Rashtra”. 

Furthermore, Modi have changed the History textbooks and have removed many important historical events from the books which included the Nehru and Gandhi history, how Indira Gandhi became the 1st woman prime minister of India and what not ! 

It would not be wrong to say that Modi government have been attacking the soul of our nation and soon there will be a day when India will become a “Hindu Rashtra” and the minorities will be thrown out of the country ! 

All hails to Modi sarkaar, now Modi 2.0 ! 

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9 shares, 45 points

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