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We all know that social media has had a huge impact on our culture, business, politics and people. It has become the source of news, entertainment, stalking, business and much more. In short social media is a complete package. It has shortened the distance between people. Sitting at home people can see their friends living in another continent. There are lots of people who have turned to be overnight celebrities only because of social media. Social media is of immense use if used wisely. Students can use it to share information related to their academics. In cases of calamities, social media is the best and effective tool to spread awareness. Kerala floods are one of the best examples where social media saved the lives of many. When the entire house was covered with water, when no nearby roads or even neighbours were seen, social media was the only help for people. People used live video features and various social pages to share videos and messages describing their situation and location. This made things easy for the rescue team.

The value of anything depends on how one uses it. A sculptor makes a beautiful sculpture out of a stone. But there are crazy people who use a stone to throw and hurt others. So it is not the problem of a stone. It is all about how one uses it. This is the same with social media. Depending on how one uses it, social media have both positive and negative impacts on society.


This was the prime reason where it all began. Social media was developed to shorten the distance between people. People could reconnect with their old friends, relatives at distant places, make new friends, share their pictures and chat. There was a time when making a phone call was too expensive. People used to write letters which took days and weeks to get delivered. But now we can chat with our dear ones at distant places or even see them through video calls with just one touch. Social media is not only used for leisure but also gives exposure to enhance one’s career and business prospects. It can also be used to improve communication skills and academics.

Political Impact

People use social media to share their views and even protests. Social media is the best platform to interact with the public. There are live streaming features in social media which help politicians to interact with their followers and public. Instant feedback is obtained through comments. Social media is also used to inspire mass movements and political unrest. In many countries, it has played a vital role during elections.

Impact on Business.

Social media is the best means for business. Companies use social media to advertise their products, build customer loyalty and to attain feedback from customers. This helps to improve business at a faster rate. It is one of the best media for marketing as it is cheap and has a great reach when compared to other expensive forms of marketing.

As we know a coin has two faces, social media has its negatives too. There are some introverts and socially reclusive users who use social media to harass and bully others. Without revealing their true identity they spread fake news among people. In social media, things become viral in split seconds. This is really dangerous because people get deceived.

Cyber bullying and Online Harassment

One must be very careful while making friends with strangers and sharing pictures in social media. There are unscrupulous people who make use of the pictures of women, young girls and school going children to create tension and blackmail them for money or anything else. Most of the people fall victims and remain idle or delete their social media account. This encourages such anti-social people. Be bold and take appropriate legal action against the online attacker.

Affects productivity

People become addicted to social media that they cannot even focus on work. Social media distracts addicted employees which adversely affects their productivity. As a result, the company suffers a huge loss. This is why many companies have blocked social networks in their office.

Impact on Privacy

Be very careful while revealing your personal information on social media. It makes yourself vulnerable to crimes like stalking, identity theft, etc. Most of the companies make a thorough check of social media accounts before they hire an employee. The social media account reveals the person’s way of thinking. If the company finds any embarrassing content in the social media account, the chances of getting the job are affected. Same is the case with relationships too.

Impact on youth

During the Kerala floods, our youth became the rescuers of the state. With their active participation through social media accounts they could save the lives of many people. A lot of people who were isolated used their social media accounts to seek help. Many pages and apps were created for the victims to access which aided the rescue operation.
The problem arises when one gets addicted to this.Most of the youth today are addicted to social media that they fail to see the real world outside. Their world has been the number of likes and shares they earn for a post in social media. They wake up and check their social media account even before they get out of bed. This trend must not be encouraged as it ruins the quality time of the youth .

In short social media has its merits and demerits. It can be used wisely to enhance social and professional life. Social Media is a very powerful tool with an extensive reach across the globe. So be good and spread good vibes in social media. So let’s not use it to spread fake news and hatred. Ensure that you do not fall victim to online attackers.

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Hi, I am Nayana Babu , a BTech graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I am here to share a few thoughts and information that I have gained by exploring through the Internet . Do post your comments and suggestions .


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