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love illusion

“You know I called you but you didn’t listen”
I said , pressing my nose against
the chilly breeze,
my feet touching the cold floor ,
it was as if the currents
that were dead a few years ago
have moved up to the earth again,
the stroking fragrance of
the same night ,
Same place;
it was as if
I dance along with the same moments again ;
I am lucky to be living them again ,
Reality driven my dreams
are now on fire ¡!¡!¡
“And you said you will not shave your beard!
why are you sitting clean shaved then”
I turned my face around
and I saw the lines on his face
the lines which are hidden beneath the
Crests and troughs
of his dusky face ,
that sparkles experiences and hardships ,
and I noticed the same bracing eyes
Those Dark liquid ink eyes ,
and I saw
embers spreading out from them ,
I was looking at him
as if it was the first time ,
as if I have never seen him before
as if his presence around me is
what heals my restlessness …
I want him to look at me
the same way I look at him ,
with the same hopes ,
and with the same black ink
that he poured on to me
when , for the first time
he locked me into his eyes !
I noticed his hair,
and then his forehead
he still plays with his forehead …
He is sitting next to me
and for saving words
just raising his brows and smiling
He is even smiling when I am
looking at him…
this never ending gaze,
takes away from me
everything, that I ever possessed…
“It’s been such a long time,
where have you been?
Are you okay?
Are you happy?”
And once again my
emotionally challenged man,
is replying in smiles and nods
and moving his eyes here and there
His eyes are looking at me
While his heart wanders in the wilderness
And my questions
are wandering from the time
the tale started and
they are spilling out of my mouth…
I moved towards him,
still maintaining a little gap,
Creating a physical boundary around me,
not caring about the fact
that my heart is wandering unbounded
From the years and for the years to come
“Did you really had to leave?”
this time, my eyes transfixed at him
eagerly waiting for him to respond and
end my wait here,
Right there, right now
At this moment only
He turned his face around
breaking all the visual contacts
Me being me,
I couldn’t resist asking
“have you not missed me?
Why didn’t you tried to talk to me then,
Why you never came back?
Why you never tried to know my whereabouts
like I have been so keenly involved
in yours
I have been so worried about you all these years,
I would not have asked you to come back,
I would just look at you and find happiness
in the fact that you are happy
Tell me ?”
I wanted so many answers,
But more than answers, I wanted him to stay,
And hold me close to his chest,
I wanted to bury myself in his warmth,
I wanted to soak my tears in his shirt,
I wanted him to stay…
To just stay and never lighten up the virtual embrace…!
I gazed at him once again,
Just for the fact that I wanted to know,
why did he have to be away from me!
Even before the colours separated us,
Why did he choose the separation…?
I continued staring at him
Like a child ,
Who wonders why the moon,
Which looks so beautiful is so far from him,
Like the same child , who couldn’t resist
But wish to touch the moon,
Like the same helpless child
Who could do nothing but stare the moon for a little while,
Until light separated them…

Sitting outside my house,
I was talking him
I was talking to a life ,
A life that I have not lived,
A life, that is merely a lie and Nothing else,
A life that…

I moved my hands on his face,
I wanted him to talk to me,
But he didn’t utter a single word,
He was sitting beside me,
Saying nothing,
Nothing at all
and then
In one weak moment,
While trying to bury myself in his arms ,
I fell down on the floor…
And that was strong enough to break my illusion…
He…Was my illusion…

I wished to hug him tight,
And tell him that I love him,
That I want him to come back,
I wanted to spend with him
the rest of the time
That I am left with…
But I ended up getting entangled in my own blood…

He was never there…

He was just an illusion…

Moments later, I gathered the most of me and got up
I smiled ,
I smiled again to find him nowhere…


It was a chilly December night,
And T’was getting cold,
I went inside
And locked the door,
So the cold air could not peep inside my house…

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