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An online game have took the country by storm. Player’s Unknown Battleground, popularly known as PUBG, is a very famous online game which has made the country an addict. However it is rightly been said that too much of anything is harmful. There should be a limit to everything from food to fun to studies. There’s nothing which, if done in excessive amount proves to be beneficial for you.

The same has been seen in the case of PUBG. Children of all age groups and in fact adults have got so consumed in this game that they have stopped doing even their Daily activities properly. In the last few months, there have been innumerable incidences which stated how badly this game is affecting the country.

pubg addiction bronbi

Although it’s true that this game is not harmful per se but people have made it harmful by playing it in excess.

The need for Remedies to avoid PUBG addiction have seen to be shooting up these days. Following are some of the ways with which you can overcome this addiction and can get your life back on track.

1- You can increase your reading habit.

Read anything, but preferably some biographies and autobiographies. They will inspire you to stay more focused on your goal. You can also refer to some self-help books or in fact in the case of kids, you can suggest them some good comic books.

2- Stay focused on your work.

We all have daily activities be it going to school, college or our workplace. Try to be more focused on that. Make a routine for yourself and follow it. Avoid wastage of time and make sure you keep a check on yourself…

pubg addiction bronbi

3- Invest time for other habits

If you have a hobby like painting, singing, acting, sketching etc , take out time from your daily schedule and do atleast a bit of that. Engage yourself into some constructive and productive work. You will eventually feel more connected to your new schedule and would not want to waste time over that game.

4- Increase social interactions.

Catch up with your friends and family and spend some time with them. During that time, avoid using mobile phone for gaming or any other activity for that matter. Try getting more involved with your real surroundings.

These are some tried and tested tips to overcome PUBG addiction.

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