How To Fix Your Damaged SD Card By Using A Windows PC

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First Plug in your damaged SD card into the card reader slot of your computer. In case you don’t have such a port then use a USB card reader.

Now on your PC, point your mouse crusor towards the Start icon and right-click to bring up a menu
Next click on the Command Prompt (Admin) and wait for a command window to open
Once the window of command prompt is open, type in ‘diskpart’ and hit the Enter key.

Now type ‘list disk’ and once again press the Enter key

You will find a list of the disks, type select disk followed by the number that matches your SD card, Please ensure that you have entered the number properly if not all your internal drive’s memory will be changed or modified leading to severe damage

Next type ‘clean’ and hit the Enter key

Now, type ‘create partition primary’ and press the Enter key

After that type ‘Active’ and press the Enter key and then type ‘select partition 1’

Press Enter again and type either ‘format fs=fat32’ or ‘format fs=ntfs’ and press the Enter lkey.

Now leave your computer as it is with the CMD window open, till the process has been fully completed. It hardly takes about 5 minutes for the process to complete.

What actualy happends?

When you are using the CMD commands you are forcing Windows to format the damaged  SD card. Windows will check the card file system and fix the issue and in most of the cases, the data on the card will be successfully recovered as well. So you don’t have to worry about the data getting lost.

How not to damage an SD card?

Technical damage to a card,or corruption of data on an SD card occurs when the card is not ejected properly from a device or through a virus or by forceful ejection of the card while files are still being processed or transferred. Also using an SD card in a camera when the battery of the device is low will lead to card damage. The damaged cards will either show a message that they have no data inside them or say that the data has been lost.

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