Heartless Beloved | Short Story

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Its another Sunday morning and just like the last week i’m staring at those thick swipe of kohl under your eyes, smudged at the corners, paired with your bare eyelids. Your face, it blends in with the rest of the other girls in the class. It’s not extraordinary. But it somehow subtly stands out. Or maybe, my eyes were faultily programmed to pick you up amongst a crowd.

You have a second piercing in your ear, but both of those piercings exhibit mutual lack of accessories. A little silver chain makes its way through your longest brown tresses and falls softly on your collar bones.

Your earphones peep out of the corner of your Blue translucent pencil pouch, and somehow it convinces me that your favourite band would be the one nobody’s ever heard the name of. I see you scribble in your spiral binding notebook with your right hand, biting your lip every now and then.

There is a black rubber band that’s wound to your right wrist and as you struggle to confine your locks behind your ear, I struggle to choose between a, an and the; and I absolutely make a mess out of my spellings.

Writing this is obviously a very tough job.

I decide to distract myself from you for some time and so I  look up at the shabbily maintained black board and then I absent mindedly start noting down the date mentioned at the top left corner which reads as 03/05/15.

Our physics class should’ve started by now but sir hasn’t yet arrived…


It’s been almost an hour. As usual sir’s booming voice is shooting quite tangentially past my head. All I am able to hear is some occasional screeching sound made by the chalk as it aggressively brushes past the blackboard leaving behind trails of chalk dust most of which has settled on the floor, a few specks has made it to sir’s neatly polished formal black shoes. Fortunately, sir’s back is mostly turned towards the class. So I grab this opportunity to quickly scan around and make sure no one’s looking at me and then as usual I quickly turn my eyes the other way round….towards you…

Quite unusually you seem to be lost in your own parallel universe.. to even feel my glance. Too lost, to feel your universe colliding with mine…

The bell shrills the sharpest and the longest announcing that it’s lunch break, finally marking the end of the long one and a half hour physics class that really didn’t. Amidst the shuffling of feet and intensifying chit chat, your eyes fall on me as you catch me staring at your half done black and white doodle on your notebook. I smile at you widely and try to make a face which portrays some considerable amount of appreciation.

You look at me and….and maybe you’re a kind of smiling through your eyes at me, but the corners of your mouth, they don’t even move an inch. The way you smiled at me looked a bit absurd. But funnily it somehow suited you. However, It’s the exact opposite of how you’d pose for most of your Facebook profile picture.

As you’re smiling you realize that a random girl is pulling you to accompany you with her to the loo. You came back to your sense and you walk away from me while closing your notebook….

Then I realise, I don’t even know your name…..

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11 shares, 40 points

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