Health benefits of using Apple Cider Vinegar

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Jim Rohn once said, “Take care of your body! It’s the only place you have to live”.

Quoting this sentence here, let’s straight come to the fact that how important our health is. We all have heard the phrase in our schools “Health is Wealth”. But we often forget that. In today’s world where workers have become life and we do not get plenty of time to spend on ourselves or our personal betterment, we as a nation are moving towards bad health. And the reasons are very simple which includes our lifestyle, our working environments, stress, emotional outbursts and what not. Obesity, high cholesterol, high Blood pressure, High and low sugar problems have become so common in our society that we seldom realise how badly our body is deteriorating because if all of this. Pertaining to all this, this article is dedicated to a product which has helped a lot of people in the world to improve their health.

If you’re on diet, you must have heard the name Apple cider vinegar! One of the most popular vinegar available in the health industry.

What is Apple cider Vinegar ?

As the name suggests, it is made from Apple cider (or crushed apples). Basically, it’s a fermented product which is extremely beneficial for people who want to lose weight, who is in need of dropping their cholesterol levels, and for those who are diabetic.

Apple cider vinegar can do wonders to your body!

How Apple cider vinegar is prepared ?

Apple cider vinegar is prepared from Apple cider or commonly called as crushed apples. This cider is first subjected to yeast treatment. It means to say that the initial fermentation is done by Yeast which transforms it into fermented sugar. This sugar, in step two, is further subjected to bacterial treatment where the bacterias acting upon it converts it into acid.

Apple cider vinegar with “mother” is very famous in the market. With “mother” means that it contains bacterias and certain enzymes which gives the product a peculiar appearance. It is believed that Apple cider vinegar with “mother” is mainly responsible for all its benefits but there is no research to prove that.

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

1 It helps you to loose weight

This vinegar has got only 3 calories per spoon which is very less. It does not contain any additional vitamin and minerals but it does contain some amount of potassium. It is a well-known fact that ACV helps you to lose belly fat. If you are undergoing exercises and are on diet then you must inculcate a habit of having ACV (Apple cider vinegar) at least once in a day. Although it is advised to take it twice a day. Take it once just after you wake up in the morning. Dissolve 2 spoons (20-30ml) of ACV in lukewarm water and squeeze a lemon along with it. Consume it at night also before going to sleep. In a month’s time, you will know what ACV actually is and what all it is capable of doing!

2- Kills pathogens

Vinegar has been famous for Killing pathogens since the time of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. It was earlier used to clean wounds. Till then, this anti-bacterial and fungicidal properties of vinegar were not known. Apple cider Vinegar can be used to clean nails and also where you see fungus growing in your body.

In addition to this, it is a natural food preservative also.

2- Lowers Blood sugar and cures diabetes

Apple cider vinegar’s most renowned roles have been to reduce blood sugar levels. Type 2 diabetes which is mainly because of high blood sugar levels is greatly cured by ACV.

Diabetes type 2 occurs mostly when the body becomes resistant to insulin. Here comes the role of ACV. So basically, Apple Cider vinegar increases the insulin sensitivity, an enzyme in our body which is responsible for lowering the blood sugar levels.

4- Lowers the level of cholesterol

Cholesterol is the major cause of early deaths today. ACV is very famous for reducing the cholesterol levels thereby improving your health.

5- Protects against cancer

This is not well researched upon but it is a common assumption that ACV has anti-cancer properties. Not only ACV but other vinegar are known to kill tumours and cancerous cells in our body.

Having seen so many benefits, you just cannot deny the importance of ACV at your home. Don’t forget to grab it when you go for grocery shopping the next time!

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