Gender Equality begins at home.Let’s raise our sons and daughters equally.

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Gender equality must start from our homes. We give equal education and opportunities to our daughters and sons. But when it comes to household work, how many parents teach their sons to share the household work? In most of the homes,the daughters help their mother in the household and the sons grow up seeing this.They are not taught to share household work.It is a common belief that household works are meant for women.

Even though we have a very progressive attitude towards life,deep in our minds ,the culture of women doing the household work has been strongly set. Maintaining a perfect home, balancing work and household,family’s well being are still expected to be the responsibilities of women alone.Of course women are super enough to manage everything by themselves.But household works are important life skills that one must be aware of irrespective of their gender.

It is high time we change this perception. For this parents must raise their sons and daughters equally. If a woman can go to work for sharing the responsibilities of a family,men can share the household work too.Do not teach your son to help his mother or sister.Teach him to share the household work so that he need not depend on anybody else to take care of himself.

Let him know that household work is a family duty and not a woman thing.Teach him that men have equal responsibilities within the household.If not,how will we create an equal society?

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14 shares, 80 points

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