Flood, Sabarimala, And Political Murders|5 Things To ‘Know’ Before You Vote

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Keralites have to be mature and there is no need to take any particular stance.
Keralites have to be mature and there is no need to take any particular stance.

Only a few hours left for Kerala Lok Sabha Elections. This is the first Election after Floods, Sabarimala Verdict and Political Murders. Unlike the previous years, this time there is an equal fight among the top three parties. Above all, many strong names including Rahul Gandhi is seeking vote from God’s own country.

Huge names, Big Decisions & Political Murders! Tough time for all the voters. But remember the saying “When the going gets tough, tough gets going”. Be ‘tough’ to chose one. Because your decision can bring a lot of changes in Kerala. Therefore each and every Keralite should see who performs how and makes more sense.

Do you vote for candidate belonging to your caste or religion? Is it necessary to take a stance before? Should Father’s suggestion or Village’s blind history play a part in selecting your candidate? Do you need to vote for money or alcohol? Answer to all these questions is a big No. Then Whom should you vote for? A bigger question.

This time Keralites have to be mature and there is no need to take any particular stance. There are certain things to ‘Know’ before you Vote;-

1)Know Your Constituency

You should have a clear idea about your constituency. First thing you have to make sure that your right to live in your soil is guaranteed or not. You may have different ideologies and opinions. As the Indian constitution guarantees the right of freedom in expressing your opinions, no one has the right to hurt you physically. If some murders have occurred, then vote against them. They deserve it. Even if you belong to that particular ideology, you shouldn’t encourage it. You should stop such things by voting against it. Above all, a ‘life’ matters not the colour of a flag. Political parties will provide the list of their martyrs and justify these activities. But don’t fall in it. Like you, everyone has the right to live in their place. Therefore Don’t take a stance blindly.

You also have to look at the knowledge of the candidate about your constituency. The only one who knows your constituency can bring changes there. This doesn’t mean they should come from the same district. There were many MP’s, who hails from their own district but didn’t do anything for the constituency.

2) Know Your Candidate

Don’t vote for the son or daughter of the leader, but vote for the one who stands for a cause. Vote for the one who you think will keep his/her promise. Make sure you don’t vote for the one who accepts bribes. It is your responsibility to reduce crime and corruption in the state. Tolerance and Patience should also be seen as an important characteristic of a candidate. He/she should be able to hear from you, stand with you and brings progress to the constituency. We are a secular state and make sure he/she won’t discriminate us in the name of caste, party or religion.

Above all, vote for the ones who can speak for you in the Parliament. That’s the basic thing!

Whom Should You Vote For?

3) Know Your Past Five Years

Actually, voters should have decided ‘their vote’ 5-6 months ago. At the end of four and a half years, voters should start to evaluate what has happened and take a decision. There are few sitting MPs who did a good job in the last five years. And there are many sitting MPs, who don’t even deserve a chance to contest the election, but seeks vote from the same constituency.

Is it worthwhile to give them one more chance or is it better to get a new set of people? You should have an answer. Every citizen has the right to take a call. Use it properly.

4) Know Your State and Country

Kerala has been going through many incidents since 2013. Ockhi, Nipa, Floods are some of them. How does the state government and central government react to such incidents? This must be a debatable issue. And you have to seriously take a tough call. Each and every Keralite should have these incidents in mind. Then only pick their candidate.

Similarly, the issues such as Sabarimala Verdict and Demonetization should be seen in a more sensible perspective and then vote. Rather than seeing these issues blindly, ask yourself and take a decision. It’s all up to you!

5)Know Yourself

Last But Least Know Yourself. You know your needs. Similarly, your candidate should also know about it. So, whichever candidate’s promises match your needs, vote for them. If you are jobless, Vote For the one who gives you a job. And, if you have ideas, vote for the one who can hear it and implement. Above all, vote for your better living in the state

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