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Swami Vivekananda was one of the most prominent monks of all times. His life was not a smooth ride at all, and he had to sail through enormous struggles in life.

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Here are some interesting unknown facts about Swami Vivekananda.

  • His pre-monastic name was Narendra Nath Datta, and he was born on January 12, 1863. He was born in a financially well-off family and grown with a temperament of yogis.
  • Vishwanath Datta was his father, and Bhuvaneshwari Devi is the mother’s name. In academics, he wasn’t great at scoring marks and performed average on examinations.
  • When he was young, his father died suddenly, broke the financial backbone, and the whole family was pushed into poverty.
swami vivekananda bronbi
  • He would often lie to his mother about lunch invitation from his friends, but in reality, he would get out of the house so that the other members of his family could eat his share of food. He used to starve himself literally.
  • He failed to get a job for a very long time, and he gradually turned into an atheist. He would openly say that there was no such thing as god.
  • Many wealthy women tried to favour him because he was a very handsome man, but he always turned them down. He said that such worthless temptations and appetites are meaningless.
  • It was Shri Ramkrisha one of the English professors who managed to remove all the doubts of young Vivekananda when he went through a phase of a spiritual crisis and showed him the path of spiritual clarity.
  • His family has a history of suicides, and when his sister Jogendrabala committed suicide, Vivekananda said that

“Do you know why we Duttas are so talented in our thinking? Ours is a family with a history of suicides. There have been many in our family who have taken their own lives. We are eccentric. We do not think before we act. We simply do what we like and do not worry about the consequences.”

  • No women were allowed inside the monastery, not even his mother.
  • When the Hindu pandits were opposed to drinking tea, Vivekananda introduced tea into his monastery. He was a connoisseur of tea.
swami vivekananda bronbi
  • Vivekananda has extraordinary concentration skill. When he was in America, he saw two young men attempting to shoot egg shells floating on water. Every time they failed, and they noticed Vivekananda smirking. They were annoyed and challenged Vivekananda to do it, he shot 12 times and hit the target in each attempt. The Americans were wondered and asked him how did he do that. Vivekananda replied that all they have to do is concentrate only and neglect everything else in the vicinity.
  • He died on July 4, 1902, in Kolkata at the age of 39, he suffered from an enormous number of illnesses including migraines, tonsillitis, diphtheria, asthma, typhoid, malaria, other persistent fevers, liver problems, indigestion, gastroenteritis, bloating, dysentery and diarrhea, dyspepsia and abdominal pain, gallstone, lumbago, neck pain, Bright’s disease (acute nephritis), kidney problem, dropsy, albuminuria, bloodshot eyes, loss of vision in his right eye, chronic insomnia, prematurely grey hair, neurasthenia, excessive fatigue, seasickness, sunstroke, diabetes and heart problems.

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