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Depression is one of the most common problems the world is dealing with today. It is said to be a state in which one is constantly feeling sad or absent-minded. Depression is a serious and severe problem and if not treated immediately, it can enter into a stage from where the retrieval of life is impossible. Not only adults but even the teenagers are getting in depression because of a lot of reasons. One of the most important reasons is our lifestyle and the fact that people nowadays don’t talk about their feelings. We are so involved in the worldly desires and passages that we forgot to value a good mental state. It is only then when we start taking it lightly and the problems are created.

The symptoms include –

Mood swings, Constant sadness, social isolation, deep regrets or guilts which you never talked about, sudden anger over petty issues, frustration and lack of interest in daily activities.

Depression affects all the other circles of your life be it sexual, cognitive, emotional etc.

A person in depression either feels sleepy throughout the day or may become insomniac. It might lead to a person getting obese from overeating, or extremely lean on not having food at all. Depression leads you to extremes. You feel tired all day. You might feel drained out without any physical activity.

Depression can occur in a no.of cases like –

1- Family History

If a person had a bad childhood or abusive childhood, he or she have high chances of going in depression.

2- Early childhood trauma

If in your childhood, you’ve seen some disturbing events like death of a loved one, you have high chances of getting trapped in depression.

3- Brain structure

Sometimes there is no reason for this problem per se. It is your brain structure that leads you to depression.

4- Medical conditions

Sometimes, prolonged chronic or acute illness becomea a reason for you being in depression.

5- Drug use

It is often said that people who are drug abusers , they often have their life spoiled , one by drugs and two, by depression.

Whenever you feel low, it’s always advised to talk to your loved and trusted ones. Talk to your family, your parents or your trustworthy friends.

They will give you the right advice and you will feel better. It’s a mental disorder and if treated with love, understating and affection, no doctor is needed to treat the same.

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