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‘Charlie’ is a magical film, most of the people would admit it. Still, the film has more depth than we have ever imagined. Maybe Charlie was Jesus Christ who happened to live in KERALA at the present age of time.

here go 12 similarities between Jesus Christ and Charlie.

1. Jesus and Charlie Shares the same age, 33

When Charlie fakes his death news in the newspaper it was remarked as he was 33 years old so was Jesus when he was crucified.

2. They both were known as the rolling stone of their age

As Charlie’s dialogue from the film,

” These legs are taking me and I am going along with it”

Jesus and Charlie never worried about having rooftop above them, they always traveled, alone or with companions.

3. The beard guys

Their beard is not a symbol of a freak instead it can be assumed as a symbol of growing consciousness.

4. They both had the habit of changing others names

Jesus named Simon as Peter and Saul as Paul. Therefore many of them started off their life with new identities, new purpose and new destiny in life

For Charlie sunikuttan becomes D’zousa Maria become Queen Mary, Mathayi becomes pathrose.

5. Friends from far

As both of them traveled a lot they have friends from far distances as Charlie says “many of my friends came to see me when they heard my death news. ‘Train Das’ who is blind, Katharina the cute girl who is 83 years old, Chandran from enmakaje (which is an endosulfan affected place). If we really die, how could we know who all come to visit us?”Therefore it proves both had friends from everywhere.­

6. Angry when it needed

When people turned the church into a market Jesus got really angry and asks ” are you making a business out of a religion?”

Here Charlie kicks some ass when an elder guy forces a girl child into prostitution.

7. Friends with sinners

Jesus was friends with people whom society had defined as sinners. he quoted “love the sinners and hate the sin”

Here Charlie is friends with thief Suni and sex worker Marry.

8. Skills in carpentry

Jesus learned carpentry and was skilled at it before he started his ministry works.

Charlie shapes his boat at kunjappan Chettan’s old age home while having a conversation with kani. it was a pure resemblance to Christ.

9. The magicians

Jesus turned water into wine

Charlie brings Apple from nowhere

10. Love and love only

Both of them have love in abundance because at the end love does matter. love never keeps a record of wrongness. they did love everyone regardless of the age.

11. They gave rebirth too.

When Bethany, Mary and sister matha were weeping at the loss of their brother Lazarus, Jesus brought back his life.

While kani was attempting a suicide with a noose in her neck charlie reaches over and chases her brings back to life where she could find colors.

12. The resurrection of Charlie

At the climax, when magic show runs Charlie suddenly disappear from a wooden box which was hanging and resurrect from the soil.

Here Tessa, female lead is a representation of you, me and whole humanity. she knows Charlie through a book or heard from others. When she gets hold of him, he slips away like when humans gets confused when try to understand God.

There are many resemblances in the other characters like twins pathrose and Mathayi (Peter and Paul in the bible), sex worker Maria (prostitute Marry in the bible), magician (Nathaniethe lthe in the bithe ble), etc.

when Mathayi teases Mariam’s religious  beliefs saying it’s just a phantasm,Charlie also speak in some philosophical level quoting “may be you and me just don’t exist, we could be some phantasms of others too”

As an end to this assumption , Mathayi asks Charlie “Are you Christ” In the middle of the sea, as a reply he laughs insanely.

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