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There aren’t any boundaries or limits an artist is bound upon. An artist can express anything that transpires through his neurons into any canvas which seems convenient. The magic that people say an artist has, is simply an extension of nature’s creation. Its hidden deep down in every living thing. And very rarely people find it in themselves. The spark of creativity hides under darkness. And Dino Tomic is one among those rare people who have discovered and mastered that spark of creativity. He is a tattoo artist, pencil artist, traditional painter, digital painter, water artist, glowing sand artist and the list goes on and on. He is simply the master of creativity.

Dino Tomic, also known as Atomiccircus on Deviant Art, is now a superstar in social media for his profound creative works. He constantly shares his work with his fans around the world through his social media accounts. And most of his works have become viral and his fan base is continuously growing each day.

Dino Tomic along with his art work


“You want to know the difference between someone who can draw and some one who believes that people who can draw are born with the talent ? The people who can draw have failed more times at their craft than the other people have even tried.”, Dino Tomic wrote in his recent instagram post.

Dino had the passion for art early when he was a little boy. He went to art school at the age of 16 which helped him to get inspired by many artists of his age and above. He made marvelous tattoo designs for his friends and they encouraged Dino to become a professional tattoo artist. And at the age of 18, he finished high school and started in Bachelor of arts. He also started to concentrate more on tattoos on those years. As he grew up, he gave art more priority in his life and evolved into a master artist that he is now.

Dino’s color pencil portraits are pure masterpieces that contemplate the true lifelike and vibrant nature of images. His portrait works are so detailed that one would find it very hard to distinguish it as a pencil portrait and not a photograph or digital reproduction. And he creates these breathtaking masterpiece portraits with ordinary wax color pencils that are cheaply available on market.

Many of his works are inspired from comic, movie and serial characters. At the age of 11,  he even decorated his grandma’s wall with large Digimon characters. And its still kept intact and are on display for guests that visit her house.

dino tomic drawings
Drawings by Dino Tomic when he was 8 years old. His aunt and uncle kept these drawings safe and gave them to Dino as a gift.


“It really brings me joy to be able to bring joy to others with my work – either in a fun or serious way – I feel like art is an incredibly powerful and useful tool to communicate a message. Experimenting and creating new ways of making things became kinda my main occupation the last 2 years – and I’m happy to tell you I have even more advanced plans for the future with even more new mediums ” Dino Tomic wrote in one of his instagram post.


Follow Dino Tomic on his social media accounts to have a glimpse at his mesmerizing masterpiece artworks.

Instagram | Facebook | YoutubedeviantART


He also sells his works for a moderate price and anyone can buy it online. Click Here to buy it online.


Here we share some of best works to date;

Gunpowder Art

Dino Tomic was featured in Ripley’s Believe it or not! show for his Gunpowder art.


Dino Tomic working on his Gunpowder art

Water Art

Aquaman – DC Comic Character – Water art by Dino Tomic


The Little Mermaid – Disney Comic Characters – Water art by Dino Tomic

Kitchen Salt Art

 The Rock – Dwayne Johnson – Kitchen salt art by Dino Tomic

 Assasin’s Creed – Kitchen salt art by Dino Tomic

Glowing Sand Art

Dream Walking – Glowing sand art by Dino Tomic


Wolverine – Glowing sand art by Dino Tomic

Tattoo art

Free hand tattoo – work by Dino Tomic

Free hand tattoo work by Dino Tomic


Colour Pencil Art

Instagram story shared by Dino Tomic – Exhibition of his realistic pencil drawing of his family members


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