Dear Son letter

Poetry; Dear Son

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✍Dear Son,
I loved you even before you came into this world,
You were my first child,
The one who’ve actually made me feel 
How it feels to be called “Mumma”
You were the one 
Who weaved me and your Dad 
Into yet another Beautiful relationship,
You weaved us as parents… 
I still remember,
Your one shriek would wake both of us, 
In the middle of those dark nights of December,
When the world slept, 
but you kept us awake… 
But baby, we never complained 
Because you were a beautiful child… 

Yess !! You were our tiny little world,
Where we lived within you, 
We grew as you grow,
We smiled with you when,
That little piggy poo danced…
Ohh !! What a beautiful moment it was 
When you clapped your tiny little hands 
And in unison, we clapped with you too,
For us, it was your little face 
Your little eyes gleaming like the sun 
That made us laugh and cry in the same moment… 
I still remember when 
Your Dad used to recite 
” Johny Johny “, how you laughed
So hard,
That a poem took your Dad’s name; 
You were our lifeline, 
The dreams we saw in our childhood 
Were then growing in you,
Your wishes replaced ours,
Your smile shared our grief,
Your little worries worried us 
Your broken toy was
the first thing to be fixed…
I hope you remember some of them, baby…! 
Time flew on wings…
Those small feet knew not,
They’ll be heading towards a place 
Called school now, 
Ohh! And I remember how u cried,
How you didn’t want to leave my hand,
How you didn’t want to step out,
Son, that day with you, 
I cried too…
But I knew I had to be strong,
For there was a universe out there
And you need to find your stars,
You need to step out of us,
To see the world outside 
And it’s vicissitudes,
The chaos it creates, 
The imperfections it provides you with, 
Yet, you need to learn baby, 
that life and people 
Are not always just,
For if there are angels,
There are Demons too… 
Years passed, 
From a mewling child,
You grew up to be a scholar, 
A scholar who’ve mastered 
The art of science and literature,
Who’ve stepped into the world of 
Maps and geography,
Who’ve started playing 
With the values for x…And 
From a newly-weaved-parents 
We became a little bit old,
We couldn’t have the pace 
With the growing technologies, 
We couldn’t understand the hi-fi world 
Of the internet and power point; 
Hence, we let you live 
That little Einstein era… 
Our concerns were still the same,
That you grow up to be a good human being 
Son, I hope you remember some of this…
And after all this, there was also a phase,
When you just couldn’t connect with us,
Where our concerns towards you,
Irritated you, 
When your hairstyle changed to a spiky one,
Your Jeans fitted your skinny legs, 
Mobiles and headphones ruled your life,
Where your friends were everything! 
Son, even that day, 
I wished to tell you that enemies were 
Initially your friends, 
Don’t pour your heart amongst the masses 
Don’t let them destroy you, baby…
And trust them not,
For you’ve no idea,
If they had poison growing out of their wings, 
Ohhh !! And we were just concerned about you… 
We knew, 
And we knew it really strong, 
Our small little bud has detached itself from us, 
From now, 
He’ll grow the way he wanted to, 
He’ll have his own happiness 
Insecurities, dilemmas, wishes, hopes 
Dreams, fears,
Of which he might not want us 
To be a part of! 
Our experience will become meaningless for you, 
You would want to make your own mistakes,
You would want to see life 
With your mended glasses… 
Son, that’s when your dad told you, 
“Live your life the way you want to, 
Commit your own mistakes, 
Learn it your ways, 
But remember, we’re here to hold you, 
Hesitate not, 
For there is no one who’ve 
Known you the way we do,
Remember Son, we love you” … 
You smiled 
And that was what we wanted…
Your every phase was about you, 
But Son, when you cried,
We cried with you too,
Your board exams were as 
Scary for us as they were for you, 
But, we wanted you to know,
that marks won’t decide your life 
Worry not, we know you’ll do good…
T’was like magic,
From a small little boy in our arms,
You’ve evolved  into a grown-up man,
You know your responsibilities,
In fact, you’ll think of having a family, 
This no less than magic,
How your wings grew over the time 
And you finally learnt to fly, 
And by the time this happened, 
Our hair changed the colours, 
From black to grey, 
Our flesh was covered with wrinkles 
We lost the energy, 
with which we have brought you up
T’was your time son, 
To be our parent,
And like Shakespeare said, 
We were living our second childhood, 
And hence we need to be taken care of…
Son, was it so difficult to take care of us??
Was it so difficult to mend our broken glasses?
Or in fact to offer us food for that matter?
Was it really so difficult for you?
When we coughed in the night, 
Were we disturbing you in sleep?
When we asked you the same question 
Again and again,
Was it really so difficult for you 
To answer them??
Son, when you were too tiny to walk, 
We’ve loved you even with your stubbornness 
We loved you when you asked us the same question over n over…
Was our presence around in your house,
So unwanted 
That you asked us to move to a place
Where we’ll get people of our age 
Where you’ll come to meet us once in a while 
Where we’ll be more comfortable!!
Son, when you were young, 
We didn’t let you stay out 
Because of one day without you 
Would get us restless,
It’s surprising for us, 
That you’ve evolved into practicalities,
So much that even our presence 
Annoys you… 
Dear son, today 
When I see these walls of my room 
In some place that people call old age home, 
I see them moving towards me,
Son, this place haunts me,
It’s so claustrophobic here 
I couldn’t hear your voice 
I couldn’t hear my grandchildren playing around,
Ohh! And there is no family,
Even your Dad is no more 
I wish 
He could meet you for one last time,
We kept trying to reach you, son,
When your dad was not well, 
Your meetings, your own family,
Never let us reach you,
And that was the day I knew we lost you 
Your Dad kept taking your name,
Your name even spill out of his mouth 
With his last breath too, 
He died and I lost him 

You lived, but now I’m leaving you 
You are still our child,
I still want  you to be happy and 
Will pray for your life hereafter, 
I’ll pray for you too, 
As you’re a dad yourself now, 
I pray that you don’t have to live 
The life that we have lived here 
I don’t need your cheques anymore… 
Dear son, 
By the time it will reach you, 
You would lose my address too…
I’m leaving this place,
Try not to find me, 
And I know you’ll not…
These are my last words for you, 
I pray for the smile never leave 
Your lips, your eyes 
Be as gleamy as the sun is,
I wish You see only the best 
I wish you live only the best… 
Dear Son, 
We’ve loved you 
More than you can even think,
I’ll take your leave son, 
But remember,
As long as I am here in the world,
No evil could touch you, son, 
But when one day, 
Your kids will drop you to the same place
Remember, I was dead by then
In the last, I would just say 
Dear son, 
I love you…✍

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