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I believe even after 50 years down the lane, we’ll still be arguing whether I should consider prawns edible or not ,whether the earth is round or flat, whether bathing 3 times a day is normal or maniac ,whether pouting for every pic is cute or stupid , whether your Shin Chan voice is more funny than your natural one … But I believe that I’ll still be happy arguing about everything in one time and then settling for nothing … 

Time threw everything for us as a jigsaw puzzle, we’re getting all the pieces doesn’t mean that the picture will be sorted! Haze still persists! Perhaps, the clues are transparent but my eyes are cloudy! I don’t know… I can’t assure you anything but I’m sure about one thing and that is even after 50 years from now I’ll hate prawns the way I hate them today … And I’ll enjoy those stupid meaningless conversations as I do today! I’m pretty sure that even after spending 50 years of your life with me and knowing everything about me,  you will still be talking about the geographical boundaries of India and the world, the north pole being blah blah blah and I would be begging you to talk about something that I understand  …

My Love for you is not selfless. It has reasons behind. The reasons lie in the way you look at the dogs and smile, the way you hold the bunnies in your arms and cuddle them. It lies in the way you love nature and how everything around you becomes melodic, just like a song being played on a radio on Sunday evening. I think I should better tell you that my love, is not selfless.

Not only this love, but a certain amount of wierdness too is acting as a glue to tie us together. I love your wierdness. As  Everytime you go for grocery shopping to your favorite mall, i love the way you show me those sunscreen and body lotions, your never ending packets of medicines, your peculiar taste for perfumes which perhaps only you can use, your selective and fat free breakfast choices which always put me in shame. You do everything which usually we girls are more interested in. The way you love your skin and how particular you are about your skin complexion makes me wonder about mine. I learn beauty tips from you and I’m never gonna lose that advice at any cost.

I feel that somethings should remain the way they are. And I cherish it the way it is. Thank you for being what are for me …

Loads of Love

Your Best Friend – turned – Girlfriend

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