Costa Rica Plans To Be The First Country To Eradicate The Use Of Plastic And Carbon By 2021

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Costa Rica is a small country between the Carribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean.This tiny country has taken a great initiative regarding environmentalism.Since 2014 the country’s energy is derived from various sources of renewable energy.On the World Environment Day of 2017 Costa Rica announced its plan to eradicate the use of plastic, making Costa Rica the first country in the world to do so by 2021.Plastic was replaced with alternatives that are recyclable,biodegradable and non-petroleum based.Earlier that year ,Carlos Alvarado Qesada,the President of the country  announced a comprehensive plan for a neutral carbon footprint by 2021.They took initiatives to ban fossil fuels to become the world’s first decarbonised society.And yes by 2021 Costa Rica will be the first entirely carbon free country in the world. This small country is setting a huge example for the entire world.If a small country like Costa Rica can do so ,then its proof that all the countries in the world can take similar initiatives to curb environmental pollution.

Costa Rica is home to 6% of the world’s bio diversity.Since the 1980s the Government of Costa Rica realised that their primary asset is nature and has taken all the possible measures to protect it which includes reforestation,zoo enclosures and establishing protected areas.One third of the country was protected as natural reserves.Most of the electricity was derived from clean hydro power.For the past four years they have been generating electricity from renewable sources of energy using its rivers,wind,volcanoes and solar power.The hydro electric plant on the Reventazon River ,on the Caribbean slope is the largest of its kind in Central America.

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