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Youtube is now flooding with movie reviews.  Many YouTubers have even made a career out of this. But there are only a very few among them who reviews Asian films, especially South Indian movies. And even among them, most of their reviews are biased and are based on certain specific fan views and they mostly try to please their subscribers by making positive comments on actors and movies their subscribers are inclined to.

The latest trend in youtube is reaction videos and its reach is getting high each day. Most of the reaction video channels in youtube are now purely a mere platform for specific fan groups to enjoy, some foreigner continuously praising something they love. Asians, mostly Indians, crave for the approval from West. Many foreign youtube channels utilise this psychological inferiority of Asian people and sometimes even fake their reactions to gain Asian followers. Yet there is one man who distinctively stands out from all of them, and that’s Corrie Henschen. The tagline of his youtube channel is “ Bringing the best (and worst) of the east to the west“, and he does almost perfect justice to it as well.

“I don’t like to read the reviews of films that I plan to watch. I like approaching a film with a fresh mind. When you are creative, you tend to pick up things. With South Korean and Japanese films, I have spent time in those countries, and taught a lot of students from there, so I have a fair idea about the kind of films they make. Of course, there are some films that go over my head. Like the Korean film 1987,” Corrie said as per silverscreen report.

Corrie Hinschen is a 35-year-old Australian who has recently become popular among Asian movie lovers for his sincere yet brutally honest reviews on Asian movies. His sincere, honest and straightforward approach in movie reviewing has gained him, a huge following in his youtube channel ‘pieces of work’ and the subscriber’s list is continuously growing each day. Corrie doesn’t make up fake reactions or opinions just to impress his viewers, which is evident from his negative reviews on popular movies. He even dared to speak against the plagiarism that’s existing in the Indian cinema.

In general, the global audience has a stereotyped misconception about Asian movies. It is only recently that Asian movies are being recognised for its true nature that thoroughly deserves appreciation,  by a common audience around the globe. And this is happening mostly because of people like Corrie who supports and talk about Asian classic movies.

Corrie doesn’t restrain himself from being himself while reviewing a movie. He often uses curse words and sometimes even mock and make fun of movies that are of very poor quality even if those movies were commercial hits. But he never fails to appreciate those movies that truly deserves recognition even if those movies were underrated or underappreciated by the audience.

“The Corrie you see in the videos is the Corrie you get in real life.”, he said in his video ‘Top 10 reasons to unsubscribe from ‘Pieces of Work’

Corrie was born and raised in Brisbane, the capital of and the most populous city in the Australian state of Queensland. His father’s family are originally from Germany, hence his second name Hinschen. He is still single, and his family includes his parents, one brother and two sisters. As a youth, his passion was inclined to music. At the age of 20, Corrie set out to Manchester, England to pursue a career as a musician.

While he was in the UK, he had his own music band and they performed gigs all over the United Kingdom. He struggled for almost 5 long years in England to strive as a musician but had to quit because he gradually despised music industry. And then he went back to his home and became a teacher.

“I loathe him…he is a complete piece of dirt…he represents the music industry, trust me. When I used to work in the music industry, I would see people like this all the time. They would come to a recording studio, they’d be doing lines of coke, they’d be drinking bottles of vodka and they were fully up themselves and they just thought they were the greatest thing and that’s one of the reasons why I got out of that.”, Corrie said about a rockstar character played by Shahid Kapoor in the Bollywood movie “Udta Punjab”


Corrie Hinschen music
Corrie Hinschen – “Echoes of Salvation”

Corrie also has a very impressive academic record. He did his undergraduate degree in literature at Central Queensland University, graduating in the top 5% with distinction. He also completed the three-year degree in under two years, as he took five subjects a semester, as well as by studying over the summer break. He did both his postgraduate degrees at the Queensland University of Technology; one in Secondary Education and the other was in TESOL( Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). And once again, Corrie graduated with distinction in both of these disciplines. He has worked as a high school English literature teacher, and have taught international students EAP (English for Academic Purposes) and CAE( Cambridge English Exam) at several Universities.

Corrie doesn’t have much of a cinema background and has said that his academic background had helped him look at things critically. And reviewing films in different languages doesn’t really require a lot of research, he said.

He has Chron’s disease, which is a very rare and incurable condition, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the digestive tract. But Corrie confirms that he is getting the best medical care and treatment so far and there’s nothing to worry about.

Recently, Corrie started hosting his own television show ‘Discover tvN Movies‘ on the Korean cable television network ‘tvN Movies’. The show is telecasted in South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. In the show, Corrie discusses and present films that are premiering on the network. Due to his recent busy schedule and health issues, Corrie had to make his teaching profession, a part-time job.

Corrie started hosting his own television show ‘Discover tvN Movies‘ on the Korean cable television network ‘tvN Movies’

Corrie is very fond of travelling and is an avid traveller. He likes to see and learn more about other cultures around the globe. So far, Corrie has been to many places including; Japan, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Fiji, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Egypt, Jordan. and Turkey.

Corrie has often said in his youtube channel about how much overwhelmed he is by the support he gets from his audience. He started his youtube channel “pieces of work” with South Korean movie reviews in late 2014. Then he started reviewing Indian movies, Bollywood at first and was repulsed by the Hindi commercial movies. ‘Drishyam‘ was his first Malayalam movie. Corrie, being a fan of the thriller genre, liked Drishyam very much and started noticing the south Indian movies. He then watched few more South Indian movies like ‘Memories’, ‘Mumbai Police’,’Dhruvangal 16′ and really liked the content those movies offered.

“There are many Indian films that break the mold. South Indian cinema is thinking out of the box.”, Corrie said.

His fights against plagiarism in Indian film Industry got noticed by Indian media. Numerous reporters in India even took an effort to report this in their tabloids. Corrie has made two videos exclusively to talk against plagiarism. He talked very boldly against those Indian directors who rip off from other foreign films.

“Indian filmmakers consistently ripoff Hollywood but also films from other parts of Asia.”

“I’ll give him this though, this time he has done in an official capacity, so thumbs up”, Corrie said while reviewing ‘Rocky Handsome’, which is an official remake of South Korean film ‘The Man from Nowhere’

The South Indian people, especially Malayalees love Corrie’s youtube channel after he started reviewing Malayalam movies. His popularity is increasing in Kerala, because of his admiration towards the Mollywood actor Mohanlal. The first Malayalam movie that he watched was ‘Drishyam’ which starred Malayalam superstar Mohanlal. Corrie was thrilled by the movie. Then he watched ‘Manichithrathazu‘. Even though he wasn’t awestruck by Mohanlal’s performance in these two movies, his perception about Mohanlal changed after watching the movie ‘Thanmaathra‘.

Corrie very rarely speaks about a movie for more than 10 minutes. But ‘Thanmaathra’ pierced his heart so deep that he talked about it for almost 15 minutes. His admiration for Mohanlal began with ‘Thanmaathra’. Then he watched Mohanlal’s Tamil movie ‘Iruvar‘ and after that ‘Vaanaprastham‘. Corrie was so awestruck by Mohanlal’s performance that he continuously showered praises for the actor.

” After watching this film, I’m 100 per cent certain that Mohanlal is the Brando of Indian Cinema “, he told in his review after watching the Tamil movieIruvar

“It’s going to happen one day, mark my word, a South Indian film will win Best Foreign film at the Oscars and its most likely going to star Mohanlal.”, Corrie said in his ‘Vaanaprastham’ movie review.

Corrie met Mohanlal
Corrie met Mollywood actor Mohanlal after the show ‘Mohanlal STAR NITE 2018’

When asked about his future goals, Corrie had told that his next ambition is to act in a movie. Once he had done a joker impersonation in one of his videos and was well received by the viewers. So, people do believe that Corrie can have a profound career in acting as well.

“My next goal in life is to get a role in a movie. Ideally, I’d love a role in a Malayalam film either starring beside Mohanlal, Prithviraj or Parvathy, three people I really admire”

Corrie has promised his subscribers from South India that he would visit Kerala once his youtube channel hits 50k subscribers. And many of his Malayalee followers are waiting for the moment to see him in person.

Anyone can support Corrie through Patreon. Every dollar donated will go towards better equipment for videos and podcasts. There’s also an option available to make a one-time donation via PayPal at [email protected]


Corrie Hinschen – Social Links

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