What happens to your body when you gain extra kilograms ?

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Gaining a few kilograms is not a big deal in terms of weight.But it has some serious consequences on the body .Over weight is a major problem faced by most of the people today.The change in lifestyle and food habits have made people obese.This in turn leads to various health issues related to breathing,conceiving and heart .When you gain a few extra kilograms of weight,the sense of taste dulls.This makes people consume more and more food to experience the taste they had before.Migraines become common as a result of weight gain.Obesity as such does not cause migraine but increases the risk of having it.Increase in weight leads to high levels of cholestrol.Fatty deposits in the blood vessels affects the blood flow and causes heart diseases.Weight gain and depression are directly proportional.Overweight has a psychological impact on  the human body and causes depression.

Another dangerous consequence of weight gain is the risk of infertility.Overweight can lead to hormonal imbalance which affects the menstrual cycle and the quality of ovum.As a result, there is high chance of infertility.Overweight leads to Vitamin D deficiency as a result of which muscle pain in various locations occur.The Vitamin D you obtain from supplements and sunlight gets diluted in the extra fatty tissue.Snoring is another consequence of overweight.Weight gain can even cause kidney problems.According to the latest studies obese and overweight people are 7 times more likely to have kidney problems.Weight gain also leads to sleep apnea.People face difficulty to breathe while sleeping leading to loss of sleep.

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