Chatbot’s are the future: key things you must know about next generation marketing

Technology opens new paths to connect the buyer and seller

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We are surrounded by a marketing world. Chabot’s are the next generation marketing way which claims the most direct line between problem and solution for a customer. I agree I am a bit lazy; I don’t want to spend more time in shopping. I want everything in a short and easy way just like all of us.

Assume there is a guide who can assist to a solution what we looking for and all that done by a simple conversation with him. Chabot is a similar kind of service which will guide u to a solution by collecting all information through a conversational interface.

There are billions of peoples are using social networks. They are socially connected to each other via messaging applications. Bots integrate with this messaging apps and always available to listen to us.

Actually, what is a bot.? Most of us are not familiar with that word. But it’s nothing but a computer program which built to automate certain tasks. Most advanced bots are powered by artificial intelligence. They are able to understand complex responses and improve interaction with a user over time.

Bots are built on a bot building platform by a human and they follow set of rules made by the programmer. Bots are blended with most common messaging apps like facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Wechat, and Viber.

If you need to buy something u can simply tell the bot and it will ask several questions to clarify and filter out the exact products on your mind. Bots can deliver the right content and capable to understand your intents. Through bots, a global change in marketing is coming tomorrow.

In records, monthly 5 billion active users are for messaging apps and it’s much larger than users of social networks. This fact is so remarkable and bots can influence all individuals through these messaging apps.

Bots include services like adjusting reservation, updating shipping info or giving medical info. In China most people using chatbot services through Wechat. Without leaving a conversation we can book vacation tickets, order food or call a taxi and the list is endless. There is no more wasted time for searching and scrolling the lists. That’s the superpower of bots.

I introduce some chatbot services

  • SnatchBot is a free cloud-based chatbot platform to build bots for Facebook messenger, Skype, Slack, SMS, Twitter, WebChat, and others. Link- Snatchbot
  • NBC politic bot for facebook messenger. This is for news feeds. Link – NBCPolitics or
  • the marketing expert chatbot. Link- roof
  • Casper: a helping chatbot for insomniacs to get through nights. Link- insomnobot3000

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