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Being thankful is one thing you can always be, constantly. That’s if you choose to be. It’s like drinking the rest of the tea from your cup after it tripped, or even being thankful that you’ll be burning calories while cleaning up the spilled if all of it fell over. You could also call it “looking at the bright side” of anything and everything. Its like bidding ‘carpe diem‘ when a person is leaving for hell. It’s like thanking Hitler for doing what he did, else imagine the geometric growth of that particular population.

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Being thankful is always like the last resort in a situation where something bad happens and we’re pathetically unable to do anything and all we want to do is “accept“. Accepting the bygones and picking something good out of it. Could be shittily difficult or frustrating but it’s the only way for peace. As a matter of fact, everyone prefers to stay away from melancholy. But we always fail to understand that the secret of this escape is, being thankful.

Being thankful usually starts with acceptance and ends with mediocrity.  Ironical indeed, but the commonest of the things sometimes become the endangered species. So why run away from being mediocre? Let’s just accept and be thankful for all that we have already. This is when we have no choice at all. What we also have to understand is that being thankful and staying put shouldn’t be a foolish decision. Instead, if we could do anything at all for the right side, this very same thing could become a sin.

It so happened to me that, later when I had my break up, I had all the time and liberty to apologize and make it up for it. But as idiotic as it may sound, I chose my ego and said: “I’m grateful that I got out of a toxic relationship“. As excepted, I regret the core of my bones.

So you see, being thankful is sometimes an excuse and sometimes a beautiful last resort. Wise is the man who knows what to choose.

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