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Brunei, a Muslim dominated country is all about to set it worst face of cruelty to its citizen. Its been heard that the Sharia law would be implemented punishing the sodomy, adultery, and rape with the death penalty, including whipping and stoning. The news is spreading like a rapid-fire making the citizens flee their country.when the early seed of sodomy sprung across their country, it wasn’t a matter of concern for the people. But now they realize that it was just a beginning. Now even the heterosexual people are feared that they may be committing an offence under the new monopoly of their sultan.

Monarchy in Brunei

Brunei is controlled under the power of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, the second longest powerful monarch. He ranks as the worlds wealthiest people. dis country is already well known for its strict Islamic teachings. The sale of alcohol is banned in this nation. Elections are never held in this country, the entire control lies with the monarchy. The intensity of the harshness and strictness of various laws implemented in the country has drawn wide criticism. Even though most countries claim LBGT equality, approximately 80 countries criminalize homosexuality.

Now they had begun to implement new Sharia-based penal code that will impose death by stoning as a punishment for homosexuality and adultery. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah called the law “great achievement” for the southeast Asian country. As a first step towards this law, it carried out jail and fines for those who missed their Friday prayers, propagating other religion than islam, and performing homosexuality.Many people all around the world had rose concern against this terrific law. They believe that this penal code may encourage further violence and discrimaination against people.

“There’s been a real movement not only with the harsher penalties for people who engage in same-sex relationships but also silence people for speaking up for their own rights,” said Cobb.

The Manila-based human right group confirmed that the law is going to be introduced on April 3. Many concerns about international human right have already started to be raised in many neighbouring countries. It is now really sad to find that Brunei is trying to emulate the most conservative arb countries. The only thing which we could expect that they take back such ruthless law drowning the Brunie society.

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