Artificial Intelligence will take our future jobs !

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AI will take our future jobs !

We are living in the era of machines Where Human dependency on the machines is on to some other level. Where earlier, most of the works were done manually, we now depend upon machines to do them. And slowly from this human-led machine development we are moving towards Artificial intelligence, a feild which is slowly coming out of infancy and spreading it’s roots almost everywhere.

The intelligence depicted by machines is popularly called as Artificial intelligence or machine intelligence. This is ironic to human intelligence or natural intelligence. Complete Artificial intelligence is based on the fact that the machines are capable of self-learning and understanding apart from Mimicking cognitive and problem solving skills which are broadly associated to humans.

What we experience in our phones today is not what we can completely call Artificial intelligence, rather we call it as pseudo Artificial intelligence. This is  because the fundamental idea of Artificial intelligence is that the machines are capable of self learning, a feature that we mostly see in movies. But, the movie world of AI is far ahead of reality even today. Although we are stepping close to it in some way or the other but complete dependency is still far fetched.

However in the coming years, there will be a time when are going to lose on alot of jobs which earlier required manpower and manual work.

The examples of these includes –

1- Apple’s Siri

The feature in Apple products which is popularly called as Siri, Apple’s personal assistant is made to improve the user experience of the product. She helps to get directions, add events to the calendar, also helps to send text messages and what not.

2- Amazon’s Alexa

It took the world by storm When Amazon introduced Alexa. It has a feature which can decipher sound or speech from anywhere in the room..

3- Tesla

Cars equipped with this feature are a desire of every technology freak. Tesla is famous for its predictive abilities and the feature of self driving.

4- Cogito

Have you ever talked to a customer care representative and have felt that your problems have not been entertained properly ? Then cogito is a feature for you. It is developed to improve the emotional intelligence of customer care representatives.

5- Transactional AI of

The transactional AI of Amazon is a little old feature now as it has been in use from quite some time now. But when it was initiated, it has revolutionized the online money making business.

6- Life on Netflix

We all are addicted to Netflix today. Netflix is also equipped with artificial intelligence whuxb enables it to analyse billions of records in the database based on your previous reactions to the movies and series you have showers interests in.

7- Pandora’s Artificial intelligence

One of the most revolutionary technologies that exists today. Popularly called as the musical DNA, it is known to organise songs and then suggest songs based on your preferences.

8- Nest

Another Google feature which is based in Alexa. It is actually the learning thermostat which was acquired by Google in January 2014. Nest is known to learn from your heating and cooling needs.

China have recently employed Artificial intelligence as a part of one of its news channels wherein it’s been used as a news reporter. The female news reporter is not real, but Artificially made.

Although we can see our growing dependency on these features, there still are jobs which are only for humans. Nevertheless, we cannot predict the uncertainty of the future as to what it has in folds for us !

Let’s wait and watch !!

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