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Andhadhun Climax explained |Was the Rabbit story a lie?

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It’s not every day you get to watch a movie like Sri Ram Raghavan’s Andhadhun in Bollywood, we really appreciate all team for breaking the Bollywood clichés. Especially Ayushman Kurhanna who has been continuously making out of box films from the starting of his career.

 Director loved to play some mind games with his audience even before the movie started.

A beginning note appears on a black screen saying. “What is life? “It depends on the liver”. You might think it’s medical advice, but it is the story you are searching for.

If you did watch the movie, you are ready to go. If not please don’t scroll down. Go watch this movie and then come back to read this.

andhadhun bronbi

The movie start with a story of a rabbit getting shot as prologue, and it’s a lie. The title “Andhadhun” means blind, dark those are the attributes of lie (not literally). The main character Akash seems to be blind when movie began, in less than 10 minutes we find out he is not a blind he just lied so that he can create better music. Director fools the audience in first ten minutes and we feel funny about us being fooled. And he was so convincing. Then he fools Sophie (Radhika Apte), her dad, her dad’s friend Prashob Sinha, his wife Simi (Tabu) until he witness a crime and his life gets into to trouble one after one.

What is in the ending tale?

After all the dramas. Simi in the Dicky of the Doctor’s car. Akash and the Doctor in the front seats.

Doctor gives the option

    “Simi’s blood matches with Arab’s daughter. He offered 6 cores. We will accept that money. You will get your eyes treated. What’s wrong? Some people will get life from her organs, you will get your eyes back. ” Doctor was conveying Akash.

andhadhun bronbi

Simi was bad though, she killed her husband and neighbour, and she made Akash blind. She tried to kill doctor, so there is no bad she died. Even Simi is already committed suicide in the eyes of public. Akash was quite convinced.

Doctor asks

“What is life?

“It’s depends on the liver”.

Yes, it depends on her liver. We go with the plan. We sell her liver .we get 6 crores. Treat your eyes. Fly to London, You get life. If u don’t, you can’t get out of this mess.

Even Sophie says. You should have gone with Doctors plan. You should have sold her liver, gotten her eyes for u .how many lives she has troubled?

What was shown?

After he explains his whole life till us audience knows.

Sophie ask

“Then what?”

Akash tells her Simi kills the doctor and comes to the front seat. He mistakenly says to her thinking he was talking to doctor “please don’t kill her .please let us live. We will leave this place. ”

Simi sends off him from the car realizing he was so good from the heart. She changes her mind turns the car around and tries to kill him and rabbit hits the in the front glass, car flips and burns itself and she dies.

He just cooked up that story

Poor Sophie asked him how does he even know about the Rabbit were exist if he was blind. There were nobody!

Akash didn’t come out as a great guy. He went with doctor’s plan.

When Sofia sees Akash concert poster in London. It was written A-KASH, a-cash it shows twice in the frame, he always wanted to go to London. He wanted money for his treatment .he went with doctor’s plan. He just lied to his ex-girlfriend so that he can he keep his self-esteem or wanted her sympathy to get her back.

Rabbit head stick was also a hint, maybe he made the rabbit story after he saw the rabbit head stick.

There are also some assumptions like, one-eyed rabbit is a metaphor, and He could see in one eye


The film as it is, it was a just a punch shot to the end.

Why does directors do that?

Some directors doesn’t want their films to be finished when it once seen. They leave it for audience for the multiple interpretation. When we discuss it, it’s the real payback for their work.

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