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“Friends, Romans and countrymen lend me ur ears”, Mark Antony addressed the public.

He respected his men and the words were sincere. He had a lot to speak about his ruler. About his leader. This election season, being on our marks to vote for the best and in this venture to choose our future, let us do that wisely.

Let us remember the men who were killed “for the” animals. The man and the child who had to walk miles with his wife’s dead body. Let us all remember where the fundamental right for expression was denied. Gauri Lankesh who was killed for the words that she wrote. Kalburgi for the words that he spoke. Men who were killed in the name of caste and religion. Dalits who were thrown stones and punished to death. The little girl who was raped to death and let us never forget the people who walked into the public in support of the men who did the crime. The students who were beaten up in the campus for expressing themselves.

Never forget the days where we saw the Assamese migrants and the Rohingya people suffering their extremes. Let us recollect the tears of the farmers, the grief of Asifa’s parents, the pain of Kashmiri migrants, the noise of Rohingya families, the cries of the Murshidabad victims and yeah this goes on and on.

Close your eyes and remember the days where we question our own existence where we live in the fear of communal riots, the fear of being questioned about our caste, the fear of being killed in the name of the god we believe in.

Let me say. These are a few. There is a lot more which I do not know and you may know. Think and think before you elect. They are the ones who represent us. Remember the days we had and about the days we want. Let us all vote for a better tomorrow, Where we live in peace, where we live in harmony and brotherhood and a place where we have the right to ‘live

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