A Storyteller with a Heart of Gold;- Parvez Elahi Speaking

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Parvez Elahi;- A Traveler On the Backroads, a roamer, moreover a man with beautiful heart.
Parvez Elahi;- A Traveler On the Backroads, a roamer, moreover a man with beautiful heart.

An event becomes interesting when someone interesting becomes part of it. The viewers will go to attend it with a lot of hope. When it is a Ted Event, the hope will be more.  To Broaden our horizon, to learn something new, to explore what’s possible, to change our perspectives.  A Ted talk should give you all these. A Speaker should be a very good Storyteller.

A TEDx event coming to Kerala is rare. Coming to north Kerala is very rare. But last week, Students from Government Engineering College Kannur have changed all those concepts. They provided a great platform for the students in north Kerala by organizing a TEDx Program in their college. They have organized the program beautifully. Funding for a big event like this is not so easy. Anyhow they have managed to conduct it. Above all, they never compromised the quality of the Program. Kudos to all the students.

The most attractive thing of a TEDx event is their speakers. GCEK was very fortunate to have few speakers such as Fathima Hakim, Dr. Shameer Khader, Arpita Khadria, Nisha Purushothaman, Jabir Karat, Varun Menon, Anzifar etc.. All those were too good. There was a vast amount of knowledge and inspiration in their talks.  Performers such as Devika Sajeevan & Sumit Kharbanda were also pure class. Altogether it was magical. No need to describe the event. It was beyond our words.

But it won’t be fair if we miss out one name. Parvez Elahi. Who is Elahi? The answer is very simple;- A Traveler On the Backroads. A roamer. Moreover a man with a beautiful heart. TEDxGCEK says “The roamer with a heart of gold”. Even if his heart is made of gold, his words are made of fire. So Powerful, but very meaningful. When you see this man you can feel he is showy. He is completely a different man. It’s not his appearance or stage presence make him special. Just his stories, pure stories from life. When we hear it from his own mouth in his mother tongue, the only thing that will come in our mind is to travel.

Travel as much you can. Explore the whole World. Do whatever things you want. Along with all these, try to find lives. Lives which can change your perspectives. Lives which can make you a better man. Today when all of us roams with a bike and post stories, he likes to travel and finds new ‘Lives’. His journeys are completely different. When we hear it, we may feel we never had such journeys. When we are trying to make ‘one journey’ for the lifetime, he is busy repeating such journeys.

All his journeys made him Elahi of today. All those journeys made him to TEDx. If the 25-year-old Thalassery-based MBA graduate didn’t give up his job, then he might not be the person he is. The Passion burning inside him was so powerful as his words.

To offer a helping hand to those in need is not very easy. First of all, we should know who actually need it. The ones we read in the newspaper or watch on Tv are just glimpses of reality. By sitting inside our home or office we will never understand who are the ones who actually need our hand. If you need to bring someone’s story to light, then you have to visit their life. There are many unsung heroes. There are True stories of the dehumanized souls pushed to the outskirts of the society around the country. All those stories can make you a different man.

Yes, Elahi is a different man. Touring all over India, he covered 22 states. And this man has different stories from these 22 states. Not staying in a single hotel, he travelled 1,000 kilometers by foot.  He had just one water bottle in his hand. With that bottle and 10000 rupees, he finished his journey. Many may have done this, but the difference is he really took us along with him.

How many of you have visited a refugee camp? I think no Politician out here can explain the life of people living in Rohingyan camp than Elahi. He really forces us to re-evaluate our prejudices. When he explains about Rohingyans, especially kids out there, we can feel it. Unknowingly he take us to those camps. When you are down, ask this man to show his photographs with those kids. With those photographs, you understand that the breakup or Failure depression you are going through is not actually the end of the world.

Parvez Elahi during Kerala Floods
Parvez Elahi during Kerala Floods

The most incredible moment in his trip was during Kerala Floods. He was at Manali. Rather than coming back he bought a chart paper and wrote on it a few lines about floods. Holding it up he sat on the roadside of Manali. From the local salesmen to Japanese and Chinese tourists, help started pouring in. He continued it in Punjab, Wagah border, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Ahmedabad, MP, Karnataka, and Goa. No better example to explain his sense and helping mentality.

Like him, his characters are also very interesting. 108-year-old Saraswati Amma from Chennai is the most attracting character in his stories. Parvez starts his every trip only after meeting this mother.  No one can match Elahi’s words to describe this victim of devadasi custom. Every single girl out here has to know about this grandmother. From Red light District to Khardung La Pass, space won’t be enough to describe his such journeys.

A Good Storyteller can really take us along with him. Because only a Good Storyteller can only become a good human. And he is one. LiveLong Brother! Ya Elaahiiii!!


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