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Education is beyond all other devices of human origin is a great equalizer of men’s conditions.

The profession of teaching and education are linked together. Teachers are the one who really creates the future and it is a vow that should be taken seriously. We all have come across some teachers, who have influenced our lives in different ways. All of us should be grateful for such awesome personalities.

teacher bronbi

There are some common qualities we could find in such great teachers and it demands certain attributes to be a talented one.


Most of us consider teaching as a simple job for breadwinning, but it is a critical responsibility that one takes. So it demands passion nothing more or nothing less. A teacher without a zeal to teach would make the life of students miserable. Only those who are passionate themselves can arouse passion in others.


Guru should be the one having the ability to understand the point of view or his thoughts and feelings. The feeling of empathy would create a strong bond between students and teachers.


Human beings are very poor in concentration and students especially feel bored during class hours. The entertaining nature of a teacher would make the lecturers more enjoyable.


A teacher without knowledge is like a carpenter without his tool. The awareness about subjects and the world would so necessary for a teacher to mold their students.

teacher bronbiteacher bronbiteacher bronbi


Good personality significantly an engaging personality every teacher should possess. It might help them to understand each of their scholars more personally or beneficial to create a good relationship between them.

6)Teaching skill

It is commonly understood that teaching is not everyone’s cup of tea. It demands special skill to share your knowledge through teaching. it requires nice communication skills and understanding.


The teacher should not stick to the primitive way or commonly followed stereotype form of teaching. He has to develop the thinking abilities if each student. Let them learn to live according to their thoughts and dreams.

8)Be a model

It is said that “lets our life speak more than our words”. so the teacher should be a model for the students. and it is not easy to live after your words.

The Indian tradition teaches us that teachers are the equivalent for God and parents. So it is a great duty to be responsible for.

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