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Whenever we hear the term intimacy in a relationship, we often take it otherwise. Intimacy doesn’t always mean physical closeness. Intimacy can also be the emotional closeness which you feel towards your partner. Achieving this emotional intimacy is one of the hardest jobs for couples today as the foundation of many relationships today is built on physical attraction and mutual willingness to have sex. However, if you really long for a beautiful relationship which contains a perfect balance of Emotional intimacy and physical closeness, then you must ask the following questions to your partner! 

1- If God gave you unlimited money and free time, what would you do ?

All of us are so consumed with our work and our 9-5 jobs just to get a pay cheque at the end of the month. We work so hard to build up our lifestyle and living standards and can also give time to our loved ones. But today, all we remember is to work and then spend all our savings at the end of our life in some private hospital getting out vitals fixed. We could not even get a chance to spend the money for doing things which we always have dreamt of ! 

Asking this question to your partner will ignite a new energy in both of you, not just to work hard but to spend time together and to do things that you actually want to do with each other without being affected by the amount of money in your bank accounts. 

2- When did you realise “I am the one” ?

We all love knowing about the time when our partners decided to spend the rest of their lives with us. It will be an Awww moment for you !! Be ready for the answer. 

3- Your favourite memory of “us” .

Going down the memory lane is always nostalgic. And when you both will sit together and talk about things that you did for each other or anything that reminds you of those sweet and sour memories, incidents that have been there in your minds, it will be a great ride ! 

4- The last thing I did which you enjoyed the most.

This question will give you an idea that what is appealing to your partner recently. It will tell you that what does he enjoy about you and the things that you do for him these days. In that way you can make sure to give him more moments like these. 

5- The one thing we can do to strengthen our relationship. 

Women usually think more about their relationship. They prefer working out the odds and want to grow better and better in their relationship each passing day. But when you ask the same question to your men, you will be amazed to hear the answers. Maybe they see this relationship in an entirely new light. Perhaps you might get a different angle to see your bond. And maybe you will also love the same. Who knows ! 

6- When was the last time you cried ?

It is a widely known fact that one only cries when he or she feels deepest of their feelings. And you should know what’s your partner’s weak spot. Maybe when your partner cried, you were not there with them. Hence its very important to ask this question. This will tie you both even more strongly. 

7- What’s the perfect way to end the day ?

In this hustle and bustle of life, we often don’t enjoy the day as it should be enjoyed. Therefore, asking this question will at-least make you both end your day in a warm way and you will able to sleep happy.

These are the questions that Every couple should ask each other to have a stronger bond and a better relationship.

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