7 Common Mistakes You Have To Avoid While Doing Push-Ups

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Push-up is an exercise which will strengthen your arms and upper body and also give your body a good shape. But most people do not know how push-ups are done and end up doing it the wrong way. Here are 7 common mistakes that you must avoid while doing push-ups.

  • Breathing from your mouth rather than a usual inhale exhale process. Push-ups are strengthening kind of workout, breathing the right way will help a heck lot. Keep in mind to always breathe from your nose. Also, see that you inhale while you push down and exhale while you push up. This will ensure that your blood flow is regulated so that you don’t feel stressed out very soon.
  • Sleeping on your stomach while pushing down your body.
    Yes, there is this gravity which plays spoilsport while doing push-ups, however, see that you don’t sleep on your stomach for too long when you are pushing down. In other words, see that you are active enough to avoid exhaustion.
  • Edging out your hip and making it recumbent to back strain.
    You should never do a pyramid-like structure when doing push-ups. You must avoid pushing all the way straight down this will reward you with a flawless chest.
  • Spreading out your elbows, rather than keeping them aligned to your body.
    You must always keep your hands straight while pushing up as bent elbows put a lot of stress on your shoulders which could probably dislocate your bones.
  • Bending your spine inwards.
    Push-ups help to keep your body in good shape. But if you bend your spine inwards you will put a lot of pressure on your lower back without giving any positive effects of the workout you do.
  • Sticking to a single kind of push-up. Instead of trying different variations.
    After you have become quite habitual to a certain kind of exercise it’s for doing it constantly. However, when it comes to push-ups, see that you try out other variations for better results. You may also raise the weight present on your body and work out for a few sets.
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  • Counting the number of push-ups which is not properly done.
    Whatever it may be, but you must always push down to the ground properly and then push up. This will ensure that you get stronger arms. Half done push-ups are useless and should not be counted at all
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  • Avoiding such simple blunders when you are working out will help you get the perfect body you desire as soon as possible.

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