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Mother is a 2017 American psychological horror film written and directed by Darren Aronofsky, and starring Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, and Michelle Pfeiffer. The plot follows a young woman whose tranquil life with her husband at their country home is disrupted by the arrival of a mysterious couple.

I have always had my heart for horror movies and Mother has taken horror to a different level. As in there aren’t many breathtaking turns or scenes in the movie but this movie has got a different theme.

mother 2017 movie plot jennifer lawrence javier bardem poster

In the opening scene we come across a crystal being placed on a stand and a burnt house becoming alive. We also find a mother waking up from sleep and looking for her husband. Her husband is a poet who is striving to find a place in the world of poets. One fine day a doctor (stranger) comes to them asking for shelter and the husband without any hesitation welcomes him. This reveals his eagerness to meet new people so that he could get a theme for his work. The mother however was not happy about this but agrees to her husband. Throughout the movie you could see the mother being distracted and when she listens to the wall she hears the sound of a heart beating . Later the doctor’s wife also joins them. The mother is much distracted. But the husband is really happy to have them at his place.

Despite the mother’s warning not to visit her husband’s room when he isn’t around the doctor’s wife manages to go there and breaks the crystal on the stand accidentally which the husband considers as a great possession. The couple were mad at the doctor and his wife and asks them to leave. The husband locks his room with wooden blocks and nails. While they were about to leave, their two sons come in and argue over their father’s will. Their fight lead to the death of one of the brother and the mother is shook sighting all of it. The doctor and his wife and husband heads to the hospital with the wounded son, leaving the mother alone. She prepares to clean the blood but finds that a patch of it stays and can’t be cleaned and on further enquiry she finds a hole in the floor leading to the grounds where she finds blood oozing out. She also hears the heart beating inside the walls. Later her husband returns followed by a bunch of people who were there to attend the mourning of the doctor’s son.

The mother is much disturbed this time. She tries to control the people who uses their properties carelessly. The mother is so peculiar about her house as she was planning to give birth to a baby after she complete her house chores. One among the guest broke her kitchen and the mother out of her rage shouts at everyone to leave her place. Everybody leaves. Mother and husband argues about the recent things that happened which ends in them making love. Next morning mother announces she is pregnant. She and her husband are overjoyed and he completes a poem. One night the mother prepares for dinner and waits for husband. Soon the husband and his numerous fans rushes into the house.

The house is now overwhelmed with people. Some of them misuses the house. When the people couldn’t be controlled,cops come in and there is violence everywhere. Meanwhile the mother suffers labour pain. The husband takes her to his locked room where she gives birth to her baby. She was reluctant to show her baby to his fans. But he takes the baby to them when she falls asleep. When the mother try to reach her baby after her sleep she finds that the atrocious fans feeding on her baby and the mother with full rage and sorrow sets the house on fire. Everybody in the house are washed by the fire and only him and mother, half burnt are alive. He takes her to a table where he ask her for love. She agrees and then he tears her burnt heart. When he breaks it he gets the crystal, similar to that which has been broken by the doctor and his wife. He carries it to the stand and places it on it and everything comes back to life once again and a new mother waking up from sleep, looking for the husband.

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