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Having a tough time?

We have all been there and will continue to be.

It never ends, that’s life.

But what matters is how you take decisions while going through difficult times, i.e.your presence of mind. It is said that your choice is your life. So each choice we make have a lasting impact on our lives. Be present at the moment would help us to overcome nervous situations. Life doesn’t have retakes and you will never get the same moment twice.

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Here are some steps to regain your presence of mind;


None of us is really interested in listening but we all want others to listen to us. Paying attention to what others are saying will help us make a good decision. The things we hear would help us in making perfect choices and taking the right steps.


To be present at the moment we should know what is going around us. It requires focus. By observing our surrounding will improve our daily life. The more you get distracted the more you lose your presence of mind.

3)Be healthy

For a pleasant mind, we need a healthy body. A balanced way of life would help us to be happy. So exercise daily and follow a diet. Remember your health is your wealth.

4)Do multitasking

To face some situations we have to do multitasking. By developing our skills, time management and decision making would help us to overcome nervous circumstances. Time doesn’t wait for anyone and make maximum use of it.

5)Get rid of emotional baggage

Humans are emotional beings and we do carry a lot of them. It might cost us opportunities. Emotions would makeus so sensitive in life. For a good state of mind, be free of such hard feelings and enjoy each moment.


While encountering a tense time try to move your body. It will help to regain control over your mind. It said that the more you move the more you relax.


The best capital require is passion. Without passion and love, things may feel so hard. Stop doing what you don’t like and be passionate about what you do in life.

8)Be real

You don’t need to prove to others who you are what you do with your life. Stop pretending and be yourself. Everybody makes mistakes and no need for regret. It would help you to perform well.

9)Know where you are

To solve one problem first we need to accept there is one. so know your shortcomings and abilities. Try to enhance your skills and overcome your deficiency.

10)You are powerful

Your mind is so powerful and so you. Your thoughts and action would define who you are. with the help of mind, everything is possible, and use the power of your mind in the right way. Without the presence of mind, life would be miserable and with it, it would be awesome.

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