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“What do you notice in a guy when you first see him”? Often Guys have seen to be asking this question to the ladies around !

 Well, it’s quite complex a question to answer. Although many girls would directly say that they would definitely notice the looks and dressing sense of the guy which, to some extent is true. But looks are not all that we notice. We take into account a bunch of things which you guys mostly ignore.

This post is dedicated to tell you the areas on which you need to work if you haven’t worked upon them yet.

1- First of all, the way you look at the girl is important. If you stare at her and think that she will notice you, trust me she will not. In fact, she’ll have a bad impression of you. You need to be gentle with your gaze. If you like that girl, your gaze should be soft and slow. Smile at her on some occasions and your smile will do half of the work. A smile is very important. It can win hearts and so does a good relationship.

2- Your dressing sense should be appealing. If you’re dressed up too loud, she might laugh at you once and forget you but if you have a decent dressing style which is not too loud, then it is going to stay in her head and she will definitely think about before she sleeps. It’s the case with most of the girls.

what girls like in boys bronbi

3- It’s a well known fact that girls like mature boys. Those who speak less and observe more. Maturity is something that should be reflected from your personality. Running around like teenagers and shouting at other people will throw you away from her. Maturity lies in the way you treat her. If you’re meeting her in a restaurant or a club or anywhere outside, try making some mature gestures like pulling a chair for her, asking her if she’s comfortable, ask for a glass of water maybe. It might be unbelievable, but this will hit her hard and she will be all eyes to you.

4- Here’s a myth which most of you guys beleive in and that is if you are going to abuse you’ll look cool. Abusive language have become an integral part of our personalities be it guys or girls. Using abusive language is never cool. Infact it will make her uncomfortable and she will have a negetive impact of you. Be very careful with the language you use. Try to be very humble with your gestures and polite with your words.

5- Humour attracts everyone. If you have a good sense of humour, do show it but not very evidently. Too much of it might bore her but if you play along and say one or two lines here and there it will definitely work.

what girls like in boys bronbi

6- Girls try to be Mysterious but they are not. However, they like mysteries. Don’t try to reveal everything about you at once. Hold back things for the next conversation. Leave cliff-hangers so that she herself initiates for exchanging the number. Once you’re succesful in doing that, then that might lead to a start of a new friendship.

7- Fragrance! Again, a very important factor that physically pulls a girl closer to you. The brain receptors start working vigorously when you smell something that appeals you. And girls love fragrances. Wear a nice cologne when you go out.

8- Keeping beard is an old school fashion statement which still works for most of the girls. A face full of beard always makes her happy. A good amount of beard can change your look and girls in general, love beard. Here’s the thing, the rougher you look, the more attractive you will be for her. Be nice and gentle with your words and gestures and a little rough with your appearance.

what girls like in boys bronbi

9- Another important thing which should definitely be in this list is your breath. She doesn’t need to smell your lunch. Make sure you always carry a mouth freshener with you or else bad breath will ruin everything.

10- And last but not the least, Your confidence. If you’re confident, you can drive her crazy.

These are the 10 most important personality traits which a girl notice when she first meet a guy !

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