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Fasting has always been an integral part of all religions. It’s often associated as a part of devotion and a way to express your love for God. But here are some health benefits that are actually facilitated by fasting.

1- Firstly, fasting detoxifies your body. Whatever junk your body may contain, fasting enhances the purification of the same.

2- Diabetes, type 1 and type 2 both have been prevailing all over the world at a very high speed thereby making it extremely difficult to control the blood sugar levels. Fasting reduces insulin resistance in the body and increases the insulin sensitivity which allows the hormone to work precisely and more efficiently.

3- Acute inflammation have always been in our bodies when our lymphoid organs fight the foreign invaders but chronic inflammation is never appreciated. It leads to the risk of various diseases.

Fasting reduces the levels of inflammation in our body and keeps it under check.

4- Fasting is known to improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

More than 30% of deaths all around the globe have been occurring because of heart diseases. Therefore it’s essential to keep your cholesterol levels under control. Here, fasting plays it’s role really well. Without any extra efforts, you can get rid of the “bad cholesterol” or “LDL” just by fasting for a few days.

If kept in a routine, fasting proves to be extremely beneficial.

5- It also boosts the cognitive functions of the brain and also prevents the risk of various neurodegenerative disorders.

6- Fasting supports weight loss by limiting calorie intake. Weight loss will automatically boost up your metabolism which will affect the overall health of your body.

7- The secretion of a proteinaceous hormone essential for human growth namely Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is increased by fasting. It also helps to build up muscle strength.

8- It’s a very famous quote, “Don’t live to eat ; Eat to live”.

If you’re fasting, you’re limiting the amount of food you want to consume and therefore it shows your inner strength and determination. Here, It should be noted that fasting delays the aging process and also increases your life span.

9- Fasting aids in cancer prevention and it also proves to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

10- Overall, the body stays active due to fasting. Too much food in your belly makes you lethargic and therefore it must be acknowledged that religious teachings do have a scientific logic behind them.

So the next time you fast, remember that you’re doing it for your own good more than anybody else’s!

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